Structural components – complex composites

With our specifically developed composite technology we are able to produce complex structural components which so far could only be built with casting or rapid prototyping technology. The composite components feature perfect surfaces off tool and we lift dimensional accuracy, aesthetics, functionality and load capacity to the highest level.

Complete solutions – individual vehicle construction

A custom-made vehicle is a masterpiece of technical culture. Our profound know-how and in-house production enable us to produce completely independent, individual vehicles, tailor-made to our customers’ demand.

Titanium machining – close to the limit

No other material has such an extremely high ratio of strength to weight as titanium has. This feature makes its applications so attractive for motorsports, the aviation and aerospace industry as well as the sports sector. The successful machining, however, requires a great deal of know-how, experience and specific machinery. We are specialised in titanium machining and are able to optimise the use of all benefits this extraordinary material has to offer.



In line with your demand, our engineers develop solutions with the perfect material, appropriate for use and economical: from cubing models and test equipment, casting technology for modelling, model making technology or jigmaking as far as complex tool constructions.



We develop and calculate structural mechanics and fluid dynamics in close cooperation with our partner KLK Motorsport. Thanks to our short on-site ways, construction, calculation and production are tightly intertwined.

Process & assembly engineering

Pursuing new solutions for products or manufacturing steps is part of our internal development. With our engineering and science driven approach we guide our clients all the way from the idea to a safe production process.

Process and production engineering contains development, optimisation and the organisation of workshop and machine procedures.
With our production possibilities, we can realise the optimum solutions.

Innovative ideas or extraordinary component requirements sometimes seem to cause irresolvable problems to the production process. With our innovation dynamics we have managed to institutionalise the process and production engineering over the years. On this basis, we are continuously enhancing our processes. The manufacturing of components or the production management seems irresolvable? We are your competent partner to find the right solution and efficiently implement all your requirements.

Our procuction and process management is neither tied to a particular sector or internal infrastructure, nor is it dependent on specific material or processing. That means we offer our services to all sectors with challenging assembly tasks, no matter what kind of processing material is required and in any stage of development.

Due to our wide-ranging competence concerning materials, applications and engineering services as well as our great depth of production and our extensive network, we are able to offer you manufacturing expertise on the highest level, starting from the design up to series production.


  • Problem: A sandwich panel (CFK/aluminium) for a satellite housing cannot be manufactured. Solution: GERG develops the manufacturing.
  • Problem: Serva Transport Systems –prototypes exist, however, without performance specifications and required improvement regarding product performance and production. Solution: GERG develops a series concept and its production.


Individual Production

Prototypes – Idea in, Product out

We design, plan, develop, design, manufacture; we finish, assemble and document prototypes as test-, function- or illustration models. Thanks to our enormous in-house production depth, our prototyping is fast, flexible and efficient.

Small-series production

From the first line to the final touch: we offer exclusive small-series of high-end vehicles as well as the efficient production of components. We combine the best of both worlds, we are a manufactory or a systems supplier – it is your choice.


Precision Manufacturing

CNC milling

Our experienced specialists implement intelligent milling strategies on state-of-the-art machinery. From the delicate precision engineering component to the adaption of complete vehicles, from plastics to titanium, from simple to highly complex work – the result always represents maximum precision.


From a simple turned part to a highly complex turning / milling component, as an individual item or for series – we always meet our customers’ demand. With different machinery types and sizes we reduce the processing time whilst increasing the quality of the workpieces.

Selective laser melting (SLM)

Selective laser melting allows flexible yet economical manufacturing of high-strength components while offering maximum freedom of design. Together with our other manufacturing technologies selective laser melting releases its potential.



We work with almost every weldable material. No matter if WIG manual welding or precision laser welding: the welds we produce are particularly lean and process reliable and the thermal distortion of the workpiece is marginal.


Wire-cut EDM – precision under power

Eroding is the method by which we process all conductive materials true to size and geometrics – independent of their hardness. We are able to produce minimal cut widths and sharp-edged outlines with a spectacular accuracy of only a few thousandths of a millimetre.


Laser marking

We have two laser engraving systems on our site, with which we can quick and permanently designate components or labels with different surface materials like CFK, steel, titanium, aluminium, PEEK, POM, PVC or varnish.



We set up components and modules reliably using diverse joining techniques such as welding, screwing, riveting or adhesive bonding. Further we deploy inserts and bushings and finally conduct adaption- and adjustment steps.

Composites – Efficiency Down to the very Last Fibre

Our combined know-how in the fields of infusion, core and braiding technology is unique. We thoroughly align individual materials and process steps. The outcome is lightweight construction, which demands maximum capacity of the materials in use.

Prepreg autoclave technology

From the autoclave directly on the circuit: Based on our extensive professional expertise and long-time experience we are able to produce anything starting from simple cladding components up to highly complex gear box housings or complete monocoques of world class quality.

Low-pressure RTM

With our RTM (Resin-Transfer-Moulding) process we generate series quality. As the resin is injected in the low-pressure range it is possible to work with more economic tooling. Also the curing at room temperature or in heated tools reduces costs. This method is especially suitable for prototyping.

VPL (vacuum press lamination) – vacuum infusion method

We have developed our unique processing technology for CFRP components with all-sides mouldface surfaces. VPL parts are furnished with special features, which you will only find with us.


Braiding facility with robot-aided core feeding

Our braiding machine automatically generates near-net-shape textile fabrics. Clear advantages compared with traditional handcraft are cost efficiency and the exact reproducibility.

Wet lamination (GRP+CFRP)

According to your specifications, we supply wet laminated bodywork components as well as inner linings in various material designs and in showcar quality as well as sandwich components with different cores and moulds.



Modelling & Moulding

Design model making

In the supreme discipline of design modelling - the showcar - we present all our skills and capacities. We have the appropriate manufacturing technology for every single detail. Our professional team incorporates the individual components with circumspection and a sharp eye on all essentials.


Surface technology

With state-of-the-art technologies and materials we varnish workpieces up to the size of a car. Our experienced experts perform different surface treatments like sandblasting, special effect paintings or class A quality finish.

Data control models

We have developed data control models which are perfect tools for supervising and checking the progress status of components regarding visual effects and feasibility.


Cubing technology

We are system supplier of cubing construction components of highest precision – from the smallest control element to the complete body shell framework. Our series monitoring and other testing instruments ensure process reliability in all stages of development.


Gauge building

Quality control is vital in order to meet the high requirements that components in the automotive and aviation industry have to fulfil. We produce customised assembly jigs and gauges made from aluminium, steel and fibre-reinforced composites.


Rapid prototyping

We transform your ideas or CAD data directly into show components or workpieces made of metal or plastics. We manufacture transparent, high-strength, rubber elastic or also light-guiding materials in diverse optics as well as complete prototype luminaires in high-end quality.


PU small series production

PU-casting – all of a piece
No matter if for prototypes or small series from the development phase towards construction until assembly, as a duplicate of your 3D print or the realisation of your 2D plans, whether being a PU (in different types of shore hardness), silicone or fibre-reinforced cast – we supply highly specified castings.


Aluminium precision casting – finest structures, maximal strength

Mankind has been developing the casting technique for more than a thousand years now. In the field of aluminium precision casting, our expertise is the peak of this development. With our unique casting technology we realize sophisticated surfaces, complex outlines and minimal wall thickness. This kind of quality you will find only with us.

Quality Assurance

Geometric testing

Besides know-how and experience, our measurement and testing methods are uncompromising and assure all demanded quality standards. No matter if measurement via technical drawing or CAD data, our comprehensive quality management is provided in-house.


Non-destructive material testing – thoroughly put to test

Our portfolio comprises various non-destructive testing methods, e.g. magnetic particle and fluorescent dye testing as well as independent ultrasonic examination of composites and testing procedures concerning hardness and pressure.

Material testing – make or break

We internally calculate dynamic and static mechanical properties. We are well-equipped for analysing development or real components with our wide range of instruments for tension, hardness, bending and torsion testing as well as measurement sensors for pressure, force and displacement.